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25 January 2021 - 28 January 2021
Virtual Event, United Kingdom
Water Connect 2021 - Future Focused

Exceeding Customer Expectations - 25/01/2021

How do we put water at the centre of conversations around sustainable living? 

We want to go further for our customers, exceed their expectation and challenge ourselves in every decision we make to deliver a superior experience. Protecting the environment is vital to what we do at Anglian Water and we know that our customers believe it’s important too. But when it comes to sustainable living and new build communities sometimes water isn’t part of the conversation. Our challenge is to understand how water can be viewed alongside energy as a key factor for customers considering the sustainability of new homes. As the impact of climate change becomes increasingly apparent and our water resources become ever more stretched how do we change the narrative around water efficient housing to create consumer demand?

In the difficult times we’re living in, customers expect much more from us. We want to connect with individuals and organisations who are experts in getting to the heart of understanding how we engage with customers to achieve our goals.

A Flourishing Environment - 26/01/2021

Anglian Water has recently updated its pollution incident reduction plan (PIRP), this is in response to stricter measures on water utilities which will be enforced by the Environmental Agency in 2021. Anglian Water recognises the short term need to rapidly address the increase in pollution events occurring across our region, as well as take meaningful steps towards achieving our longer term aspirational goal of zero pollutions.

The updated PIRP now includes a deeper understanding of the pollution incident root cause, some common themes emerging from this exercise include:

  • The need for internal cultural and behavioural change;
  • finding new ways of influencing customer behaviour;
  • using technology to collect useful data, monitor, predict, and intervene;
  • targeted efforts to improve our processes and systems; and
  • furthermore, these solutions need to be achieved in an environment of tightened OPEX expenditure.

Collaboration with our suppliers to find new solutions to these complex and interrelated problems will be key. We can no longer tackle pollution reduction alone and we recognise the value in leaning on the diversity of our wider supply chain.

Tackling Climate Change - 27/01/2021

In November 2020, the water industry launched its routemap to achieve net zero carbon emissions for the sector by 2030. Each water company will develop its own specific routemap based on its own set of circumstances.

The path to achieving this goal will involve a host of intervention in areas including:

  • Improvements in the energy efficiency of water treatment and movement
  • Increases in the generation of renewable energy such as solar, wind and biogas
  • Restoration of natural habitats such as grassland and forestry to sequester carbon
  • The introduction of electric vehicles
  • Water consumption reductions in domestic and commercial buildings

Given the challenges ahead in achieving zero carbon by 2030, Anglian Water is interested in any schemes, products, ideas or research which would assist us in reaching our commitment.

A Resilient and Intelligent Water Supply - 28/01/2021

The Leakage and Smart Water teams will be hosting a workshop to look at what makes A Resilient and Intelligent Water Supply system.

Join us to explore the challenges in building and implementing sensor driven networks; meet water regulation compliance and consider how we can improve the embodied carbon levels and sustainability of our networks.

Discuss how automation and control can improve network resilience; how can we develop trust in these systems; the effective use of the data produced and a look at the skill sets required of our future workforce.

We need you, your products, your services, and your innovation, to work with us to help meet these challenges and realise the opportunity the UK’s Water Innovation Strategy provides for even more collaboration in the future.

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Virtual Event, United Kingdom
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