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25 Jan 2021 - 28 Jan 2021
Virtual Event, United Kingdom
Water Connect 2021 - Future Focused

How it works

Water Connect 2021 provides a platform to access the most influential and appropriate people in the water industry. Through our matchmaking service you can book short one to one meetings with key people ahead of the conference.

The matchmaking part of the day is a quick and easy way to build connections and understanding. Each meeting lasts no more than 20 minutes when a bell will sound to signal the start of your next meeting.

These meetings need to be scheduled ahead of the event. The sooner you register your place and build your online profile, the easier it is to begin booking in meetings. Follow the easy steps below to get started:


Let us know you’re coming to Water Connect 2021 by registering your place here

Once you’ve done this, you can begin building your profile to give an accurate picture of your interests and focus. Other attendees will be able to see your profile and can request meetings with you too. The more detail you include, the better. Your profile will influence the quality and suitability of those requesting a meeting with you, so spend some time ensuring it accurately reflects you and your objectives. 

You can alter your profile at any time. All profiles will be promoted by the event organisers and it’s likely that good quality profiles will be visited as many as 150 times before and after the event – so it’s worth getting registered as soon as you can.


You will be informed by email when you can start booking in one to one meetings. The search options on your profile allow quick identification of those most suitable for you to meet.

You can then request a meeting with them via your profile. You can add further meetings any time but be aware that the bookings are managed on a first come - first served basis. Other guests can also request a meeting with you. Meeting requests are treated as accepted unless they have been declined.

A few days before the event you will receive your personal meeting schedule. You can check this online at any time. This will provide information about the time, the table number and who you are going to meet.

If you have been booked in for one to one meetings, you will be asked to confirm your attendance via email. This is to ensure the event runs smoothly and that attendees get the most value out of it.


You will be sent a final version of your meeting schedule including where and when you are meeting each connection.


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Virtual Event, United Kingdom

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Participants 187
Meetings 48


Australia 2
Belgium 2
Brazil 4
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Canada 1
Denmark 7
France 3
Germany 8
Ireland 4
Israel 2
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Netherlands 6
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United Kingdom 175
United States 5
Total 279


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